A note from our owner at Read's Roofing and Repair, Inc.

Loveland, CO

We are your one-stop roofing and repair solution with service you can trust and quality you can afford with timely service. We offer free estimates and 24/7 service. We have over 18 years combined experience in repairing and replacing all types of roofing systems, carpentry, painting, home improvement, siding, HVAC, etc. There is no job that is too large or too small, and we look forward to providing a free quote to anyone who seeks our services. Thank you for the time of reviewing our profile and considering Read's Roofing & Repair, Inc. for any project!

Many companies have lost the drive, passion, solutions drive, and care about their employees as well as care in providing services for the right reasons. It is always about offering the best solution each customer is in need of to protect their most important asset. These things stated definitely have set us apart in our industry. The most influential part of our interaction and workmanship truly comes from caring about what we do, why we offer services, and who we are within our community and do for others. Communication is also key as that has been another key to our success. We will answer the phone and return your calls!

We offer many different solutions which not only help with expense/cost but also stress in finding contractors who can do most if not all the work required. We attempt to educate any customer we offer services for and explain the best solution. We look forward to helping anyone with any need and offer free estimates. Read's Roofing & Repair, Inc. hopes to hear from you soon!

- Phillip Read, President

Colorodo Crush Sponsor

Colorodo Crush Sponsor

We are proud sponsors of the IFL Colorado Crush.