Read’s Roofing and Repair, Inc. Isn’t Just Another Roofing Company

Enhance your curb appeal by relying on our exterior contractors

Instead of spending hours trying to change the outside of your home with DIY projects or relying on a mediocre contractor, trust the professionals at Read’s Roofing and Repair, Inc.. For more than three years we’ve been providing the Loveland community with a variety of services that go beyond roofing, such as:


To us, there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with an uncomfortable home because of a broken HVAC unit. Whether you walked into a hot box instead of a house or you’re walking around covered with blankets, you’ll find the experts who can maintain and fix your system at Read’s Roofing and Repair, Inc.


Enjoy quality time with your family and the privacy offered by being surrounded by a gorgeous fence when you call Read’s Roofing and Repair, Inc. Unlike other companies, we use one bag of cement for each 4X4 post as well as a screw through the bottom for anchorage. This allows you to have confidence that your fence is sturdier than your neighbors.


Something as simple as changing your exterior with siding can produce a drastic transformation that can increase your property value. Not only is siding aesthetically appealing, it is also easier to maintain than traditional exteriors. We also do custom siding work that will add value and uniqueness to your home.


Entertain family and friends or enjoy the Loveland weather by letting our contractors build you a beautiful deck. We can tear out, reinstall or repair your deck using Trex Decks, a composite of wood and vinyl that outlasts other materials. We use many other types of material for your decking needs as well.


If you’re tired of how your exterior looks, make it visually pop with a coat of fresh paint. But, instead of spending hours completing a DIY project, trust our experts to do the hard work for you.

Custom Carpentry Work

Add some unique elements to the interior of your Loveland home by letting Read’s Roofing and Repair, Inc. create a custom piece for you. We can build a new piece of furniture, install cabinets and crown molding and also repair your antique furniture.

If you want to work with one contractor who has superior customer care and a vast array of knowledge, call Read’s Roofing and Repair, Inc. for a free estimate.